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Online purchase in Bohemiam Jungle ethnic jewels of India

Welcome to Bohemiam Jungle, your final destination to buy online ethnic jewels of India. Explore our wide collection of impressive pieces of jewelry inspired by the vibrant cultures of India. From ankles to necklaces, bracelets and earrings, we have everything. Each piece is made carefully by hand with love and attention to detail, making sure that you receive unique designs that are really unique in their kind. Delive yourself with the beauty of the semi -precious stones and experience the rich heritage of Indian jewelry. Buy now and add a boho chic touch to your style with our exquisite collection.

Discover a unique selection of jewels and accessories

In Bohemiam Jungle, we know that jewels are more than a simple accessory: they are a form of personal expression. That is why we have prepared an exceptional selection of jewels and accessories that are as unique as you. From delicate tobilleras to daring pieces, our collection is full of bohemian designs, beach, tribal and vintage inspiration. Each article is prepared with care and attention to detail, to guarantee a unique piece. Buy with us and discover the pleasure of decorating you with beautiful artisanal jewels.

Our collection is enriched with natural stones. From the vibrant turquoise to the Terrous Jaspe, each stone transmits unique energy and meaning. Whether they are attracted to the soothing properties of the amethyst and the rooting energy of hematite, you will find a piece of jewelry that speaks to your soul. Adorn yourself with the beauty and power of natural stone with our selection of Bohemiam Jungle.

Explore our online store and discover a unique selection of jewels and accessories. From intricate necklaces to elegant string and striking slopes, our collection has something for each style. Inspired by the vibrant cultures and traditions of India, each piece is carefully made with high quality materials. Whether you are looking for a piece for every day as an accessory for a special occasion, you will find it here, in Bohemiam Jungle. Let us help you stand out between the crowd and express your unique style.

Boho Chic Ethnic Jewelry and Style

Look at an ethnic inspiration style with the Boho Chic jewelry collection by Bohemiam Jungle. From delicate silver designs to bright accounts creations, our artisanal pieces will add a unique touch to your costumes. Our ankles, necklaces, bracelets and slopes are perfect to express your individual style. For a bold statement, opt for a bright and colorful accounts bracelet, or for something a little more subtle, choose a silver cm in diameter. Whether you go to a music festival as if you just want to add a touch of free spirit to your daily look, our Boho Chic jewelry collection has something for each person.

Take your style to the next level with the Boho Chic jewelry selection of Bohemiam Jungle. From bracelets inspired by the beach to vintage -inspired pendants, our collection has something for each fashionista. For a unique and striking look, choose a bright and colorful account bracelet, or for something a little more subtle, opt for a silver pendant with a diameter of cm. Whether you are looking for a striking piece and something that adds an extra touch of bohemian style, our boho chic jewels have something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Explore our online collection and find today the perfect piece to complete your Boho Chic look.

Tobilleras, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more

Behap your look with the exquisite jewelry collection that Bohemiam Jungle offers you. From necklaces to ankles, bracelets and earrings, our online store is full of a wide variety of ethnic jewels of India, handmade with maximum care and attention to detail. Our unique designs are inspired by the vibrant cultures of India and show the beauty and crafts of traditional jewelry. Whether you are looking for something delicate and refined as something daring and striking, you will find the perfect piece to express your personal style and improve any look. Buy now and release the power of the life tree with Bohemiam Jungle.

Declare your style and add accessories to your sets with the wide selection of jewels of Bohemiam Jungle. Our online store has a wide variety of impressive pieces, from necklaces to ankles, bracelets and slopes, manufactured with high quality materials for long duration. Whether you get ready for a special event as if you want to add a touch of glamor to your daily look, we have something for each person. Find the perfect piece to enhance your style and show your individual style with Bohemiam Jungle. Buy now and let yourself be guided by our magnificent collection of jewels.

Unique designs and artisanal jewels

In Bohemiam Jungle, we know that jewels are much more than an accessory: they are a form of personal expression. Our collection is full of unique designs that show the beauty of traditional Indian crafts, and each piece is handmade by expert artisans to ensure that each article is really unique. From vibrant necklaces of precious stones to delicate pending intricate designs, our jewels are perfect to add a touch of personal style.

Inspired by the vibrant colors, the intricate designs and the spiritual symbolism of Indian art and culture, our designers create pieces that tell a story and carry the essence of the creativity of their creator. When wearing our artisanal jewels, not only adorns with beauty, but also becomes part of a centenary tradition.

In Bohemiam Jungle, we give priority to fair trade practices and sustainable crafts. We work directly with artisans and cooperatives to ensure that they receive fair working wages and conditions, which allows our clients to invest in the conservation of traditional skills and train artisans to continue their trade. With each piece made with love and dedication, you can be sure that our artisanal jewels are not only visually impressive, but also carry the soul of their creator. Discover the beauty of unique designs and artisanal jewels in Bohemiam Jungle, including our impressive selection of slopes, earrings.

Bohemian beach and vintage bracelets

Bohemian elegance can be yours with our collection of beach and vintage bracelets. Handmade with love and attention to detail, these unique pieces reflect the art of Indian crafts. From account bracelets with turquoise touches to delicate chain bracelets that wrap your wrist, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Feel the relaxed vibrations of the beach and the timeless charm of vintage fashion when you adore you with these beautiful bracelets. Let your unique style shine and hug your free spirit side with our selection of beach and vintage bracelets.

Take your look to the next level with our collection of beach and vintage bracelets. Each of them shows the expert crafts of Indian artisans, with intricate designs and high quality materials that distinguish them from the rest. Whether you are resting on the beach and exploring a vibrant city, these bracelets will add a touch of bohemian sophistication to your outfit. From delicate anklers adorned with marine shells to accounts bracelets with intricate drawings, in our collection there is something for each person. Let your unique style shine and embrace the beauty of Indian crafts with our beach and vintage bracelets.

Unique dresses and accessories

Prepare to make a statement of intentions and highlight among the multitude with our range of unique dresses and accessories. In Bohemiam Jungle, we offer a varied selection of Boho-Chic styles, vibrant prints and intricate details that will make you feel extraordinary. From fluid maxivestids for special occasions to informal summer dresses for day to day, we have something to satisfy all styles. Each piece of our collection is handmade with love and care, so you can trust that the quality is first. So, if you are ready to flaunt your personal style, you have come to the right place. Buy in Bohemiam Jungle the most exclusive and elegant dresses and accessories.

Complete your look with our selection of accessories around the world. In Bohemiam Jungle we have everything you need, from striking necklaces and bohemian bracelets to striking earrings and fashion belts. Whether you are looking for a boho-chic style and a more daring and eclectic, our accessories will add the perfect touch to your unique dresses. With pieces from India and beyond, our collection is full of the most unique and authentic articles. So, whatever your event or your daily outfit, our unique dresses and accessories will make you not go unnoticed. Make a statement and hug your individuality: Good luck!


In conclusion, Bohemiam Jungle offers a wide range of ethnic jewels that are unique and elegant. From ankles, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, its collection is carefully selected and inspired by vibrant cultures. Artisanal designs and detail attention make each piece a declaration of individuality. Whether you are looking for Bohemian t -shirt and vintage bracelets and unique dresses and accessories, Bohemiam Jungle is the perfect online destination for all your ethnic jewelry needs. Explore your collection and embrace the beauty of ethnic jewelry.