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Bohemam Jungle is the best clothing, accessories and decoration shop Hippie Alternative Boho Bohemia for all kinds of people.
We are an online shop of alternative hippie boho clothing, plus we sell all kinds of handmade accessories and ethnic accessories handcrafted from India, Thailand, Nepalese, as well as, bohemian decoration that are committed to a different commercial model of freedom personified and on our website you will find a lot of information to live your own lifestyle of love towards nature and Manera of seeing the world. Good taste and quality describe you. Positive energy, positivity, perhaps minimalism, you don't need much to live.

We want to introduce you to the latest fashion of hippie clothes, because having your own style is much more than hippie clothes and accessories, it is freedom, passion, love for nature, landscapes, walking around the world on foot, cycling or even in your van. Discover natural places, respect and care for them.
Our Moroccan belts, bags, backpacks and rhinoneras are ideal boho style for your outfit.
These boho complements are made handcrafted. The boho leather belts are crafted handcrafted and their originality makes your hippie boho look highlight even more.

Hippie boho philosophy is the reflection of human freedom that is personified in the attitudes and ways of being of the people who have adopted it. This philosophy is also reflected in the way the garments look, adopting a unique style.

A way of life in which the libertadas are more than well expressed with the love of people and nature. The way people of this philosophy look at the world with a lot of energy, filling in positivity to those around them.

Living with the least, the taste for their music and the good vibe are expressions of their own way of being and facing life.

Hippie Clothing, is the reflection of all those who believe and are happy to share their good attitude through beautiful and very striking garments. The hippies accessories and outfits give way to a fashion that does not diminish and that on the contrary lives in each one of its representatives.
The boho trend includes a unique style in which Indian silk dresses, belts, backpacks and other accessories such as handmade jewellery with natural stones from India make Bohemiam Jungle your online clothing and alternative hippie accessories shop.
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